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A very nice story about a husband and wife who agree to adopt a young dog with issues Takes place over the course of a year With other losses during the year the couple find themselves depending on the dog for comfort It takes Charlie Bear a while to win over the Mom Peep. When BJ Taylor First Read About Rescue Dog Charlie Bear, She Gazed At His Photograph And Knew Right Away He Was The Dog For Her She Just Hoped Her Husband, Roger, Would Agree Thankfully, He Did, And In The Subsequent Year, Both BJ And Roger Soon Discovered That Charlie Bear Was Brought Into Their World For A Very Special Reason To Teach Them About Life, Love, And Second ChancesCharlie Bear Shares An Intimate Look At The First Year In The Life Of A Dog Nearly Labeled Unadoptable By His Foster Mother Due To His Long List Of Behavioral Issues As He Begins His New Life, Charlie Bear Ferociously Guards His Food And Toys, Throws Temper Tantrums, And Is Sensitive To Touch Although BJ Doubts Their Sanity In Adopting Charlie Bear After He Repeatedly Attacks Their Other Dog, Rex, She Is Determined To Make It Work For The Sake Of Her Husband, Who Has Fallen In Love But When BJ S World Begins To Fall Apart, She Shares How Time, Patience, And Faith Helped Her Realize That Charlie Bear Was Not The Only One Who Needed A Second Chance She Did, TooCharlie Bear Offers A Loving Tribute To A Rescue Dog That Eventually Sheds His Headstrong Ways, Becomes A Loving Member Of A Family, And Ultimately Changes Three Lives Forever A tear jerker of a book The feelings of a pet owner described well Many of us have had that pet that we just didn t want to give up on just yet because we believed we could make their life better, and in the end they did that in return for us. I couldn t put it down I laughed and I cried Charlie Bear was considered unadoptable by his foster mom and rescuer due to his many issues But everyone deserves a second chance and someone to love them, right Even a stubborn little dog with behavior problems This story of Charlie and the other animals in the Taylor lives, Rex, Diamond, and Red, will touch your heart Most of my animals have been rescues so I can relate to this well Some came either because I chose them or because someone dumped them, or they just showed up needing food and a home Some of the cats were domesticated and some feral, but they all stayed All were spayed or neutered Thank you for loving Charlie Bear and not giving up on him, even when he gave you every reason to do so. I didn t go looking for this storyit found me When Charlie Bear joined our lives he came as a twirling whirlwind of issues Today, you d wonder if this calm, sweet, giving dog is the same one who joined us in 2010 Follow Charlie Bear s story as I grapple with emotions almost too much to bear.