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The First Novel In A Frisky New Mystery Series Set In A Small New England Town, Where An Unlikely Citizen Is Called In To Solve The Purrfect CrimeMaddie James Has Arrived In Daybreak Island, Just Off The Coast Of Massachusetts, Eager To Settle Down And Start Her Own Business And Maybe Even Fall In Love When A Stray Orange Tabby Pounces Into Her Life, She S Inspired To Open A Cat Caf But Little Does Maddie Know That She S In For Something A Lot Catastrophic When Her New Furry Companion Finds The Dead Body Of The Town Bully Now All Eyes Are On Maddie Who Is This Crazy Cat Whisperer Lady Who S Come To Town If Pet Hair Maintenance And Crime Fighting Weren T Keeping Her Busy Enough, Maddie Now Has Not One But Two Eligible Bachelors Who Think She S The Cat S Pajamas And Will Do Anything To Win Her Heart But How Can She Even Think About Happily Ever After While A Killer Remains On The Loose And On Her Path Curl Up With Cate Conte S First Cat Cafe Mystery Cat About Town

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    Maddie James has returned home to Daybreak Island, just off the coast of Massachusetts, to attend her grandmother s funeral An animal lover Maddie spies a stray cat during the funeral and decides she is going to befriend him and give him a home After the funeral though Maddie finds out that her grandfather is in debt and being threatened to sell the home that has been in their family for years Maddie decides to speak with the Frank O Malley who has been pressuring her grandfather but things don t go well Then as Maddie is out with her new cat the cat gets away only for her to chase him to the location of a dead body Frank O Malley has been murdered and now she needs to clear her name since she was last seen with him Cat About Town is the first book in a new cozy mystery series, Cat Cafe Mystery, by Cate Conte Maddie is a successful business woman who has returned home only to find herself in the middle of a mysterious murder She pokes and prods and questions her way to the answer she needs to clear her name This was a typical cozy in probably all areas that you would expect, the cute set up with the stray cat who steals part of the show, someone looking for answers because the police will expect them and plenty of places to point the blame too to keep a reader guessing I questioned why involving a bit of a love triangle in here but hopefully that will get worked out in future reads Otherwise, it was a fun start to the series and I would definitely continue on with Maddie and her adventures I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    The cover of this book caught my attention because I love cats Knowing that Cate Conte is a new pen name for Liz Mugavero Pawsitively Organic Mysteries made this story a must read Cate Conte debuts a delightful new cozy series that I devoured from cover to cover I liked the way the story began at Maddie s Grandma s burial, and the way fate seemed to unite the stray orange cat with the protagonist, Maddie, who s a cat lover The first whispers of trouble for the family are also heard in the cemetery.Some fantastic characters are introduced Grandpa Leo, who has a wonderful relationship with his granddaughter Maddie Another fave of mine is Cass I loved how he helped Maddie name the intriguing orange cat, JJ I hope we see much of Cass, a man of many talents, in future stories A possible romance blooming for Maddie may also be nice.The plot of this story is compelling with several suspects for readers to ponder over means, motive, and opportunity The author skillfully sets the scene for future stories to include the addition of a cat cafe I absolutely loved this debut cozy I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance reader copy thanks to NetGalley and SMP.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery The story and characters held my interest.Maddie returns to her hometown, Daybreak Island in New England to attend a funeral She rescues a stray cat that serves as her sidekick as she tries to solve a murder mystery The cat doesn t talk, just meows the book isn t overly cutesy This is the first book in the series and I look forward to reading the next when it is released.

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    Maddie James has returned to Daybreak Island as a result of her grandmother s death While there, she learns that Frank O Malley, head of the local chamber of commerce, wants to buy her grandfather s house, a house that has been in the family for generations Frank is used to getting his way and is trying to scare Maddie s grandfather into selling So when Frank turns up dead, Maddie and her grandfather find themselves as suspects Can Maddie clear their name I ve been looking forward to this debut ever since I heard about it, and I wasn t disappointed The tension starts early, and once Frank s body is found, we are off and running I didn t have things figured out until Maddie then, but then everything fell into place The characters, including Maddie s new cat, are completely charming And the setting, a resort island off the coast of Massachusetts, is absolutely wonderful I can t wait for the next in the series.NOTE I received an ARC of this book.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    Dollycas s ThoughtsMaddie James comes to town for her grandmother s funeral and to spend some time with her grandfather as they both grieve The funeral has one surprise guest, a cute tabby cat that attached itself right to Maddie Things go great until her new furry friend finds a dead body Maddie finds herself reacquainting herself with the people of Daybreak Island and getting to know the new residents as she tries to find the person who was driven to kill the man that wanted to change everything about the Island Turns out there are plenty of suspects.Cate Conte has brought some truly lovable characters to this series The relationship between Maddie and her Grandpa Joe is so heartwarming She will go to great lenths to protect him and he her As a cat lover I was taken in by the way Maddie accepted orange feline into her life complete with a leash to take him with her everywhere It reminded me of the relationship between Charlie Harris and his cat, Diesel, in Miranda James Cat in the Stacks mystery series, one of my favorite series.Daybreak Island is a wonderful setting It is filled with history in the shops and the homes You need to take a ferry to reach it and while it does have a tourist season most residents live there year round I could easily picture everything thanks to the author s terrific descriptions.The mystery was top notch A variety of suspects with means, motive and opportunity drew me deeper and deeper into the story.The cat cafe has not come to fruition yet but this first installment gives us the backstory that has started to put the cafe in motion.This series is off to a fantastic start I can t wait for my next escape to Daybreak Island My virtual bags are already packed.

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    Maddie James returns to her hometown of Daybreak Island, near Massachusetts for the funeral of her beloved grandmother Although she s happy to see her sister, parents and grandfather, she can t help feeling sad at their loss Maddie agrees to stay in town for a little while to help her grandfather get through this difficult time She s living in San Francisco and successfully is an owner of an organic juice bar Her partner is handling things in her absence.When Maddie hears that a local business man is bullying her grandfather into selling his home, she s furious and intends to let him know that s not going to happen on her watch.Maddie runs into a stray orange tabby who makes it known that he wants to adopt her Maddie is than willing to let him and names him JJ When JJ discovers the dead body of the man harassing her grandfather, he quickly becomes the town hero However, Maddie and her grandfather become the prime suspects in the man s murder.As Maddie snoops around town trying to find a killer, someone sends her newspaper articles about cat cafes Maddie wonders if someone is trying to tell her something Daybreak Island could sure use one of those and it would be the perfect business for her to start First, she has to make sure she isn t going to be spending the rest of her life in jail.I m so thrilled to find a brand new feline cozy mystery series I can t get enough of them JJ is adorable he doesn t talk, has no special magical powers, he s just a lovable kitty looking for a home and found himself one Maddie puts a harness on him and takes him everywhere They are the perfect match.I think this is a great debut book for this series The characters are vivid and come to life on each page none of the stiffness that sometimes happens with brand new series I felt as if I knew Maddie for years instead of just meeting her She has a legitimate reason to snoop into this murder mystery.The book combines humor with mystery and romance She has two, possibly three men interested in her to make things just a bit complicated for our heroine I m so looking forward to seeing what other situations she gets herself into Excellent start to a new series Great job FTC Disclosure I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher I was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are my own.

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    Read on vacation in just over a day. One of the best I ve read all year

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    I m really excited about this new series by Cate Conte aka accomplished Agatha nominated author Liz Mugavero Her love of rescue animals shines through in all of her books You can feel the passion she has for each of them in reality and in the cozy mystery world Her characters are vivid and come to life on each page You will feel like you have known these characters forever and feel an instant connection That doesn t always happen with the first book in a series, it usually takes time to feel such a bond The relationship between Maddie and her Grandpa Joe is so heartwarming She will go to great lengths to protect him and he her It touched my heart since I just lost my grandfather a few months ago We shared a similar bond so this book was comforting and in my heart it became a tribute to him.JJ is adorable He s just a lovable kitty looking for a home and he found himself one It made me laugh to read she puts a harness on him and takes him everywhere My rescue feline reminds me of JJ in many ways, they could pass as brothers, but he would never agree to wear the harness If you put anything on him, he literally falls over.With a well developed plot and subtle clues, prepare to find yourself wondering who done it You will not want to put it down until the last page This book combines the perfect balance of humor with mystery and romance Maddie has two, possibly three men interested in her to make things just a bit complicated for our heroine I m so looking forward to seeing what other situations she gets herself into As a debut novel to a new series, this is definitely a must read One of the best new series I ve read this year I look forward to many adventures with JJ and Maddie

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    Argh, I both love and hate starting a new cozy mystery series I love how awesome this one was, but when I check the release for book two, it s still ages away Oh well, something to look forward to I supposeNow it SAYS it s a Cat Cafe Mystery, but nothing occurs on that front in this book The Cat Cafe is in the future, but you can see the set up here Also well set up is the setting, the character and the two very interesting romantic leads I also can t wait to read about Ethan, Maddie s business partner All in all I felt like this was a great beginning, and can only improve.Always love a cozy about cats This was a Christmas gift that I am long overdue to read Five stars.

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    What a fun new mystery series Cate Conte aka accomplished Agatha nominated author Liz Mugavero creates a fictional New England island, gives us glimpses into the protagonist s close knit family, sets up not one but two possible loves for Maddie James, and leads us through the twists and turns of a well told murder investigation Her adopted cat JJ is a nice touch, too, prancing through town on a leash I can t wait for the next book in the series