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Curiosity often leads to troubleThirteen powerful voices in young adult fiction invite you to journey into startling new Wonderlands in this nod to the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s timeless character ALICE Mystery Madness Mayhem Each story in this collection will intrigue bewitch and enchant Through rich historicals castles and keeps wild wormholes secret workshops deadly plagues and gritty urban explorations we present new tales of Alice and her white rabbit Whether an intrepid reporter a would be car thief or the last human in a world ruled by machines at the heart of each story Alice is a girl discovering who she really is in worlds that never fail to surpriseWhat wonders await oh curious reader? Leap down the rabbit hole and discover the truth

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    I can't wait for this anthology to launch Fans of Alice horror romance thriller sci fi historical fiction steampunkit's got just about every reader covered But BEWARE once you follow the little white rabbityou might not want to come back

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    As usual why is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland associated with insanity? Modern authors always see the classic Carroll novel as some kind of allegory for insanity mental hospitals or drugs I guess we've got Jefferson Airplane Resident Evil Beatrice Sparks and American McGee to blame for that oh and that godawful live action CGI Disney thing with the creepy as hell Tim Burtonified characters But the book itself is just an adventure fantasy story about a little girl and her daydreams It was never intended to be some kind of profound dive into the world of madness There's one character who is mad the Mad Hatter and that's it ^Ugh why do directors have to do this sort of thing?^I liked Beware the Little White Rabbit The writing was intense and evocative and the stories were interesting But I think that the writers forgot that Alice isn't The Addams Family I have no problem with authors wanting to put their own spin on a story as long as it's in the public domain already or they have permission But the whole Gothic Tim Burton esue Alice thing has been done way too often and it's getting a little old

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    Oh so that's why I've been seeing Alice so often lately it's the 150th anniversary I hate to admit it – but I've never been entirely enad of Alice It's another childhood classic that I somehow never read like The Wizard of Oz just never had a copy or something The call for entries for this collection seems to have specified that there be a young main character named Alice a white rabbit and a fall Another theme running through a lot of the stories is that parents can be perilous unreliable sometimes dangerous As with all collections of stories by various author there is a wild variety of style uality and subject matter but the variety of things done with the basic elements in this baker's dozen of stories is pretty impressive I just wish I liked Alice in Wonderland I should I suppose; I'd like to; I don't Oh well Happily I have than enough enthusiasms without Alice I also wish I liked this book Alice Through the Wormhole – Charlotte Bennardo – Alice in space in a trippy chase after stolen tea which is than just tea Meh; kind of clever but kind of annoying They Call Me Alice – C Lee McKenzie – blend of Chinese mythology young adult romance and Alice; really kind of lovely Though it focused on the Chinese mythology than on Alice; the heroine could have been called anything and the rabbit had no relation to Wonderland Still it fits well enough and had an affect on me Alice Last of the Bleeding Hearts – David Turnbull – I wasn't thrilled with this one; where the last story's connection to AinW seemed distant here it felt forced a science fiction story hammered into an Alice mold Flaws in the narration showed up here – unless the text actually read soldiering iron twice? I wasn't enad of this version of the Cheshire Cat; I wasn't impressed with the intelligence of the last of the bleeding hearts announcing her weapons to the Red ueen? Wouldn't they be effective as surprises? And Alice knows how to play chess but wonders at the knights moving in an odd L shaped manner? MehThe Watchmaker's Ball – Christine Norris – Here the narrator used a very nice British accent fitting the Alice contemporary setting It was an interesting idea except how did that mechanic know to give a warning? interestingly executed – fun Rabbit Fever – Jackie Horsfall – I don't know I just don't know I like the concept of an Alice from another time period but she seemed a little too prescient I didn't love it Mustang Alice – Medeia Sharif – My initial comment was simply oh you have got to be kidding It's not often I DNF a short story – but I skipped most of this one after Alice stole the car Nope If it had been a Volkswagen Rabbit now White Is a Human Construct – Laura Lascarso – Read with a Southern accent – very good and rather intense story of abuse and madness and what it takes to get out of both I liked what was not said as much as what was Alice and Her Shadow – Tom Luke – Told in the second person present tense None of the streetlamps are working and your shadow is beginning to worry you – NICE I didn't like it – it's a very disturbing story – but I appreciated it to pieces Creepy as all hell And in light of a recent possibleunconfirmedoh please no major character death on The Walking Dead and how Damon Lindelof producer of other shows talked about it story arcs and taking the show in a direction and that sort of thing Yeah shiver Alice in Wilderland – Jessica Bayliss YA love story – which should have annoyed me to be honest – but my initial reaction was NICE The Aviary – Crystal Schubert Uh oh ok I love the idea of rescuing someone who doesn't want to be rescued Oh I really don't care about the inside of her belly button I really don't Her ribbon arms? I get selfishness but while she was off enjoying her love nest her family was dying Broken Tethers – Holly Odell – Chick talks to herself a whole hell of a lot I mean I do too but not in text As such Was this supposed to be funny? Undercover Alice – Jennifer Moore – Aussie why? Cute enough story but not great Follow the Steam Rabbit – Liam Hogan – parachute? Not awful; not great The book is introduced as having dazzling silhouette pieces for the interior title page of each Alice tale – not exactly a plus to the audible book listener; it's a shame that line isn't deleted from the audio editionThis audiobook was provided by the narrator at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot comETA It took a remarkably long time to get on Goodreads to post a review here And come to find out three of the authors and both editors involved in this book not only reviewed it but gave it five stars The first word that comes to mind on that subject is 'tacky' but it's worse than that It's drastically skewing the rating of a book which not so many people have reviewed It's worse than getting family and friends to rate and review they would have fewer horses in the race I was giving this three stars as a rough average of my opinion of the stories Under the circumstances I feel the rating needs a bit of realistic balancing out PityMy rating is balanced by those ofJudith GravesShannon DelaneyJackie Horsfall Medeia Sharif Jessica Bayliss With just a couple of exceptions this was not a good experience

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    BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT has short stories for all types of YA lit lovers Steampunk fantasy romance science fiction history and horror help round out this book Instead of crafting a single genre homage to Lewis Carroll's Alice Leap Books BEWARE strives to echo the diversity found in Carroll's Wonderland with a wide selection of story genres Many people from around the world submitted stories and the vast majority of them were rejected The stories that were chosen demonstrated well constructed worlds heartfelt characters and resourceful women cast in the role of Alice We invite you to find your favorites and let their authors knowAs a note the book will not release to any readers or reviewers other than our editing staff until 41415 and there was no ARCFull Disclosure I am a co editor and co publisher of this anthology and only publish books I firmly believe readers will love These authors gave a fresh take on Alice their all

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    Even though I'm the author of one story included in this anniversary anthology I couldn't let the opportunity pass without commenting on the other 12 stories A uniue mix of genres covering historical fantasy sci fi steampunk contemporary each story featuring a bold Alice and her Otherworld guide that pesky white rabbit As much as I love the original Alice it was fun to see her in new settings eras and incredible new conflicts Kudos to my talented co authors

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    What a ride Each Alice adventure left me a little shifted So much fun

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    This was an amazing collection of short stories; all uniue new twists on a classic tale Alice Through the Wormhole by Charlotte Bennardo is the first story in the Beware the Little White Rabbit anthology I have to admit that I suee'd a little when I saw Char's name listed with the authors for this I absolutely loved her Sirenz books penned with Natalie Zaman and was excited to see how her solo work would compare From the very first line I was absolutely hooked the Sci Fi element was genius and I loved it The story was full of action tension and humor it was fantastic from beginning to end I loved the detail and creativity Bennardo wove into every scene and I was so sad when the story was over I look forward to reading even from this fabulous author in the future They Call Me Alice by C Lee McKenzie There was an air of sadness throughout the majority of this story that pulled on my heartstrings An orphaned girl in a new country a whole new culture and name So much change all at once would be difficult for anyone to bear I was immediately rooting for this incarnation of Alice to get some sort of happy ending While this tale seemed steeped in heartbreak there was also the bittersweet joys of moving forward and embracing new things I really enjoyed this story and will be looking for from this author Alice Last of the Beating Hearts by David Turnbull Story number three from this collection was 'Alice Last of the Beating Hearts' by David Turnbull In this Alice tale machines have taken Alice's mother from her and taken over her world Now ruled by an elusive mechanical ueen Alice relies on her android helper Hatter to help keep her alive Rife with tension and action I was riveted through the entirety of this story I look forward to reading from this author The Watchmaker's Ball by Christine Norris The Watchmaker's Ball by Christine Norris is the fourth story in this collection I found it amazingly easy to connect with this Alice Her love for inventions in a time when ladies were not encouraged to use their minds endeared her to me Enter the clockwork white rabbit and away we go The Watchmaker was superbly done in my opinion a fantastic villain The creepiness of the clockwork dancers locked away forever to satisfy a madman's boredom was enough to make me shiver I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I will be adding Christine Norris to my authors to watch list The fifth story in Beware the Little White Rabbit is Rabbit Fever by Jackie Horsfall I found this story to be uniue and well written It was well paced and full of emotion I really enjoyed it very much Anything with a sort of historical twist to it usually catches my interest and this was no exception I've found another author to add to my watch list

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    This is a must read for all fairy tale fans who have dreamed of following Alice into the rabbit hole and seeing where it might lead them There are thirteen stories each introduced with a lovely picture and accompanied with cute little rabbits between scene changes Yes I love tiny little extras like this The stories center around an 'Alice' a rabbit and a hole but that's where the similarities endAlthough I honestly wondered if reading about the same main character again and again might grow repetitive the authors take Alice through all sorts of fantastical worlds and times from steampunk to rides into history making each adventure new and exciting The Alices not only had to face very different situations but each has a distinct personality making the characters fresh and different despite the shared name I especially enjoyed how many of the authors incorporated the strange and often topsy turvy feel that Wonderland and it's inhabitants always have into the plot and dialogue It peppered the tales with a fun bit of insanity even when some of the plots drew into darker worldsand they do thatSummed up this is a delightful collection of very different stories which are just the perfect length for taking uick trips with Alice down a huge variety of rabbit holes And several of the stories had me going back to read them againand probably againI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    I'm one of the authors of this anthology My short story aside I thoroughly enjoyed the stories that covered a variety of genres from the other 12 authors It was interesting reading about Alice through their lens and going through new adventures and situations with these familiar yet reinvented characters

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    Beware the White Rabbit is an anthology with 13 stories all inspired by Alice in Wonderland and starring Alice herself as the main character in all of them It sounds like it could get repetitive really uickly but rest assured this anthology is the exact opposite of repetitive All of these stories are so uniue so brilliant in the way that that are told that you can't help but fall in love with each and every one of themAlice Through The Wormhole was action packed and a wonderful sci fi delight with an ending that made me gasp in astonishment while smiling in satisfaction They Call Me Alice was of a tear jerker bringing different cultures together for a heart warming tale of new beginnings and accepting all versions of one’s self Alice Last of the Beating Hearts had a haunting cinematic action uality to it and it possessed one of the most awesome depictions of the Cheshire Cat Mad Hatter White ueen and Red ueen EVER The Watchmaker's Ball was extraordinarily creepy each page of the story unfolding disturbing secrets about The Watchmaker than I ever expected to find out Rabbit Fever was an ingenious take on what would happen if Alice's story was told during the plague in London; fleas and plague shall haunt my dreams for a whileMustang Alice was a great story It had a very interesting spin on what happens when a good girl decides to add some adventure to her life and I was not expecting the way it ended at all White Is a Human Construct broke my heart into a million tiny pieces stomped on it and then left me a smidgen of hope at the end It was raw complex heart wrenching and it made me want to jump into the pages and let Alice know that she's not alone Alice and Her Shadow was definitely very unsettling creepy disturbing and brilliant The thought of someone else taking over your identity is terrifying enough but this story took it to new heights and I loved every minute of itAlice in Wilderland was beautifully written moving and just plan excellent It perfectly captured the feeling of loss the beauty of love and that feeling when you finally find something or someone after experiencing immense pain that encourages you to enjoy life again The Aviary told an incredible tale about family soul mates and the fate of those who are left behind after the loss of a loved one while integrating the horror of the plague with the intrigue of the paranormal Also because of The Aviary blue macaws are my new favorite bird you just have to read it for yourself to understand why Broken Tethers had a wonderful plot about taking risks and learning from your mistakes told in uniue prose Alice was epic in this story and Buddy may just be my favorite incarnation of the white rabbit everUndercover Alice was just awesome I feel in love with this Alice especially her humor and wit and the assortment of characters that surround her instantly enjoying the characters without minding whether their intentions were good or evil The simple scandalous scoop she was after uickly turned into a mad adventure and I adored every second of it Follow the Steam Rabbit was the last story in the anthology but definitely not the least as it was full of brilliant references to Alice in Wonderland ranging from the obvious to the obscure It was a great read and kudos to author Liam Hogan for Uncle Charles' name it was wonderful to see the creator of the original work acknowledged in that wayIn conclusion this is a must read for Alice in Wonderland fans that are looking for an interesting and new take on beloved and familiar characters No matter what genre you like there is a story in here for you and if you enjoy reading across a multitude of genres this anthology is paperor ebook heaven Definitely worth checking out 5 out of 5 stars Moujnir