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Discover The Dynamic Secrets Of The Explosive Science Of Chemistry From Compound The Chemical Chef Who Combines Elements Together, To Combustion The Sparky Chap Who Has Energy To Burn, In This Book You Will Meet A Community Of Basher Characters Who Fizz, React And Combine To Make Up The World Around Us Basher S Highly Original Books Make Difficult Concepts Tangible, Understandable And Even Lovable Chatty First Person Text And Stylish, Contemporary Character Illustrations Give A Voice, Personality And Story To Each Topic A Brilliant Way To Communicate Science Thousands Of Children Already Love Discovering The Basher Universe Basher Science Chemistry Is A Compelling Guide To This Key Science Topic

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    It s what the description says

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    My granddaughter 7 loves it.

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    Here s another in the great Basher series of science etc books for older primary younger secondary pupils My son s very pleased with the content, but rather disappointed at the larger size 17 x 17 cm of the book, which means it s not as easy to carry around and also doesn t fit alongside his collection of all the other Basher books which until now have been 13 x 13 cm We won t be buying another.

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    This book is very simple and easy to read and aims to attach charaters to the different elements and concepts in Chemistry, so good for visual learners no doubt It is a good little revision book My one disappointment was the lack of a periodic table, there was a description of one but not a copy of one To get that you have to buy the book dedicated to the periodic table.

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    We have one of these books for the elements To be honest, the concept works naturally for a subset of the elements than it does for chemistry in general including such abstract ideas as pH, Activation Energy and Reactivity Series.In broad terms, different ideas from the subject are portrayed as cartoony characters, with their traits described in accessible terms This is to get across key ideas from the subject, though as I ve said already, it s not easy to anthropomorphise many of them The collection of characters together gives some idea of the scope of the subject, which is good, and the description of the characters does help to open the subject up The additional bitesize facts at the bottom of each page add interesting trivia.The poster is uninspiring a folded up A4 sheet with some of the characters from the book on it.I don t think that this book is likely to change lives it won t hold the attention of the average child for much than half an hour, I fear but it is possibly of value as a book for all the family, children and adults, which helps to show that there is quite a lot to chemistry.

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    We have the Periodic Table and Rocks however I recommend the Periodic Table book in that case We shall definitely buy in this series 3.5 stars

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    Without chemical reactions, bioligical life on earth would not be possible, and without an understanding of how chemistry works, humans would not have made any of the scientific advancements that are familiar in the twentieth century, such as computing, pharmaceuticals and food production technology This little book, measuring 10cm x 10cm, with 128 bright, informative pages is a lovely introduction to a fundamental aspect of the universe and our lives It would be ideal for any child from age 8 up to age 11 or 12.The book is split up into 8 chapters, dealing with 1 Basic States which explains solids, liquids, gases, melting points, mixtures, elements, compounds etc 2 Nuts and Bolts explains what elements are made up, and explains isotopes, metallic bonding, nanoparticles and molecules, etc 3 Nasty Boys explains acids and alkalis, 4 Lab Rats explains the basic instruments that you might find in a lab, such as bunsen burners, test tubes, pipettes and explains the basic experimental processes that are carried out in a lab, 5 Organic chemistry, 6 Bright Sparks explains the basic types of chemical reaction that occur and what makes them occur, intoducing concepts such as catalysts and activation energies , 7 Earthy Resources tells you about how humans use the chemical resources of the earth, such as air, water, metals and rocks 8 Chemicals for Life explains something about the chemical reactions that go on inside the human body and support life.The scope is very wide, and the information in each of these chapters is concise, but fascinating and useful Of course, the stand out feature of this series of books is the snappy, accessible language and the bright, simple illustrations It would be ideal for a young child about 8 years who is interested in science or specifically in chemistry, and would also be good reading for a slighty older child who might want to read around the subject, and get a useful overview of what chemisty is about.

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    This is ostensibly a book that aims to make chemistry colourful and exciting through the use of cute cartoon characters.Now, I am one of the biggest chemistry cheerleaders you could imagine To me, chemistry is all kinds of awesome, and I generally approve of any efforts to inspire people.But I share the sentiments of the reviewer who wonders who it s aimed at I can t see it fulfilling the requirements of any demographic child, student, teacher.The cartoons are lovely and very cute But some of the chemistry statements are oddly specific and definitely aimed at students studying GCSE syllabi And there are some statements that are just plain wrong, which doesn t help.I m greatly disappointed with this the idea is good and the graphics excellent, it s just the chemistry itself which is poorly represented Since chemistry is fun and exciting it seems a bit ironic that this fun and exciting book isn t