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Melissa Bourbon Ramirez has treated the reader to a hilarious romp, in this mystery for, despite the murderous subject matter, MS Bourbon Ramirez characters are delightfully entertaining.Lola, a good Latina daughter of a large caring family, is determined to become a good detective and counts on her boss, the enigmatic Manny, to teach her As well as detecting, she helps out at her family s restaurant and figures ways to entice the delectable Jack into her bed Unfortunately, Jack has an unstable ex wife, Sarah, who frequently abandons her medication and chases after Jack, which somewhat dampens Lola s spirits.The novel opens with Lola being co opted to go incognito with the members of the Royals Courtside Dancers, who support Sacramento s basketball team Riven from limb to limb with unaccustomed exercise, Lola finds herself forced to go undercover strike the word cover from that in a nudist colony to find a murderer Attempting to keep herself clothed, dodging the well meant efforts of her loving family to assist and trying to keep her boyfriend, Jack from finding out what she is up to, takes all of Lola s ingenuityI think one could describe Bare Naked Lola as a cozy mystery, probably because of the warm, easy way in which it is written Ms Bourbon Ramirez has done a great job of fleshing out her colourful characters, who are likeable and great fun The pacing of the plot is excellent in this well presented story.A delight to read and highly recommended. Dislosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.It s kind of difficult to review mysteries If you mention something and say it s not a spoiler, then you re basically giving away the fact that that s not a clue important, etc Which is a spoiler So I like to focus on characters because I think that in the modern cozy type mystery, characters make or break the story Why Because most of these are series and you have to like and or be interested enough in the characters to keep reading the series year after year.Which brings us back to this series and its main character, Lola Now, the previous book in the series, Hasta la Vista, Lola , was released in 2010 Then, no book in 2011 I was disappointed and sad because I really like the MC, Lola So, I m very happy that this series is continuing More importantly for review purposes is that I even remember Lola Now, I read about 400 books a year I ve read 1000 s of mysteries Many of the mysteries blend together and I often can t remember the name of the main character, but I do remember Lola I love Lola s loving, loud, sweet, and eccentric extended family as much as I love the mystery parts of the book The one bad thing about this series not enough of Lola s grandpa Who I just think is adorable and cute This is why creating great and memorable characters is so important in a mystery Every year when you get the latest book in the series, it should be like going to a family reunion It should feel like visiting and catching up with friends And this is how that series feels.Back to this bookin part of it, Lola needs to do some investigation at a nudist resort Which, um, Yuck And because Lola shares my feelings about nudist resorts, the scenes there are among the funniest in the book The nudist colony pretty much freaks Lola out I think that Lola would agree with my 4 Layers Rule Which is logical and only right when you think about it The 4 Layers Rule is one of the cornerstones of my family s neuroses The Rule states that At all times there should be 4 layers of clothing between your genitals and other people s genitals Your underwear and pants dress skirt and the other person s underwear 4 layers Now obviously a nudist colony violates The Rule in an extreme way and, rightly, this kind of leads to Lola s discomfort with being there In a humorous way Just thinking about someone getting all gross and sweaty playing naked volleyball, then going into the nudist restaurant and sitting their sweatyum, butt on a chairthat I would later sit on Shudder Meet Dolores Lola CruzGoing Undercover Is Second Nature For Private Investigator Lola Cruz, But She S Out Of Her League When The Case Of A Murdered Royals Courtside Dancer Leads Her To A Local Nudist Resort Parading Around The Sidelines Of Sacramento S Professional Basketball Scene In A Barely There Cheerleading Outfit Is One Thing But Parading Around In Nothing But A Smile If She Has Any Chance Of Hiding This From Her Traditional Family And On Again Off Again Boyfriend Jack, She S Going To Have To Keep A Lot Than Her Duct Tape Bra And Killer Dance Moves Under Wraps Great fun Very fast read, with a good plot and lots of well placed and well timed clues I ve been a fan of this series from the start and was very happy to see Bare Naked Lola released I had sort of given up on seeing another one I loved the interplay between Lola and Callahan and I think the author did a nice job with the tension between the two The family is crazy but nobody is so over the top that I wanted to smack them Don t know what s going on between her and her boss, but it s intriguing, with hints throughout the series that could develop further, or just go nowhere I hope to see many adventures with Lola in the future she s great fun. Bare Naked Lola may be book 3 in a series, but I jumped right in and am now a fan of the spunky, latin lady private investigator, Lola Cruz.In Bare Naked Lola, private investigator Lola is put on a case where she has to go undercover as a cheerleader for a basketball team to find out the source of mysterious notes that have been scaring the girls As the case develops and takes Lola to places she never dreamed she would go, she has to learn to shake it and reveal skin than she ever wanted all while managing her tentative relationship with her boyfriend.I really like Lola s character She is fun, determined to prove herself, and an overall good girl who gets herself into some pretty crazy situations The situations she gets into in Bare Naked Lola are pretty funny When her investigation takes a deadly turn, she has to investigate a nudist club, which really pushes her boundaries She is cautious when it comes to relationships, and throughout the book she is struggling with her relationship with her boyfriend I am happy that she seems to grow through the book and get to a better place with Jack Lola s fellow private investigators and her family are all solid secondary characters They are interesting, give the book depth, and also provide humor to the story.I found Bare Naked Lola to be well written and developed The story is a mystery with some humor thrown in and I really liked reading this one The only thing I didn t love was that Lola speaks in spanish a lot, she uses spanish expressions I don t speak spanish, and I was often distracted from the story trying to figure out what she said.Overall, with good character development, unexpected and humorous plot twists, and mystery, Bare Naked Lola is an excellent read I will read Lola Cruz books in the future, and I recommend Bare Naked Lola to fans of mystery and humorous books I received this book for review Every so often I find a book where I just want to be the main character so bad that I dream about it Bare Naked Lola is definitely one of those books I woke up twice thinking I was some kick arse, kung fu fighting, Spanish speaking girl bringing down the bad guy I have to admit that I tried to go back to sleep because being Lola was so much fun Lola is a PI and part time waitress at her parents restaurant She has been trying to convince everybody that she has what it takes to become a big time player in this male dominant world Her big chance comes when the owner of a famous basketball dance team needs her to fish out the crazy person leaving threatening notes for the dancers The story is part hilarious and part all out crime fighting fun Lola takes a chance and goes undercover as a Royal dancer and in doing so hopes that nobody she knows will spot her new career choice Right like that was gonna happen This whole book was so much fun I loved Lola s crazy family and all her friends I seriously laughed my arse off the entire book I never knew who was the villain and I have to say that the whole naturist community was a hoot I haven t laughed this much in a long time The story also held its own and I was blown away when the big reveal happened It was pure brilliance on the authors part in my opinion She definitely kept me on my toes.I can t leave this review without mentioning Jack He was sigh awesome Even though I jumped into this series in the middle I could still feel all that angst and heat between him and Lola I definitely want to pick up the first 2 books in the series to see what I missed because I have a feeling it was a lot and I want from these two characters.I am so SO glad that I was gifted this book It was beyond entertaining and I am definitely going to pick up the next installment I can t wait to see what Lola gets into next Fun and relaxing, this novel is perfect to unwind after a hectic day at work Also perfect as an accompaniment to relax in the bath with a glass of wine A dose of good humor entertaining and easy to read Before receiving this novel, I did not know Lola Cruz the funny Hispanic investigator with a strong character I did not know either that the author had already presented her and her entourage in two previous volumes.It could have been a handicap to take the train and directly jump into the third station but I was never left on the sidewalk Melissa Bourbon Ramirez has closed my gaps about Lola s past with great ability and detailed reminders So, if like me, you have not read the first two volumes, you can still spend a great time trying to find clues that will lead you to the murderer.Beyond the humor of the heroine, her family described as a Sicilian clan and her hot boyfriend who drags his ex like a millstone around his neck, Lola is a private detective who must still prove herself Suddenly, the reader is plunged, for the good of the investigation, in the secrets of a professional cheerleaders team in the NBA Great scenery, don t you think Beacuse who has never dreamed to know the juicy details taking place in the locker room But I confess that when my reading took me into a nudist camp, I found the plot a little too far fetched Fun yes Dared certainly But if you look through a scary thriller that keeps you awake all night, you can pass your way There I found an atmosphere similar to the one of Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock, ie a gay and charming entertainment.As a conclusion, after meeting Lola Cruz, the author made me want to read the first two volumes to treat myself to her fun and punchy spirit.Luciehttp newbooksonmyselves.blogspot.fr The Sacramento Royals have a problem and turn to Camacho and Associates, a local PI agency to solve it Manny the boss knows just who would be right for the job Dolores Lola Cruz Lola s first undercover assignment as a full fledged PI is a stretch for even this confident, fun loving muchacha She loves to Salsa dance however, Cheer dance she is not so sure, but that is what is looks like she will be doing Hopefully she can keep it a secret from her family and her maybe boyfriend Jack This mystery will ask Lola to push the envelope, bear her inhibitions, and who knows what else How far will she go to get the clues and solve the case OHHHH Lola This was my first Lola Cruz book and I am happy to report that the feisty chica has a new fan I am in love with that character Bare Naked Lola was a fast, funny, and entertaining read This page turner kept me guessing though out the book Having missed the previous two books I was leery thinking I would be lost, but Melissa Bourbon Ramirez brought me up to speed in no time I love the characters Lola the smart, sassy spitfire, The zany Cruz family that can t seem to stay out of her business, Manny the mysterious ex cop PI with the hots for Lola, and Jack the sizzling boyfriend with a loco ex girlfriend with a fatal attraction esque tendencies The author has done a great job developing endearing characters that are real with less than perfect characteristics that are easy to relate too.I would definitely recommend this book I m off to get the first two Lola books Viva La Lola I was given an ARC of this book through NetGalley Thanks Misa Ramirez has scored with her latest edition in the Lola Cruz Mysteries series She had me cheering for Lola as the sassy PI goes undercover as a dancer for a professional basketball team to investigate a mystery that kept me guessing and giggling all the way to the bare naked end Oh my Author Melissa Bourbon RamirezPublished by Entangled PublishingAge Recommend AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanRaven Rating 5Blog Review For Great Minds Think AloudReview Bare Naked Lola by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez was indeed a intriguing mystery read This was book three The Lola Cruz Mysteries and my first of the series I did enjoy this mystery and thought it was well written.positively a page turner I was very much entertained with all of the twist and turns of this read Believe me it was a hilarious read.From the Camacho and Associates a local PI Agencythere was Deloris Lola Cruz.This very sassy, smart, investigator was going undercover in the Sacramento s professional basketball team as a court side dancer looking for a murder suspect but how did she end up in a nudist resort Now..just how did that happen The main thing was that Lola wanted to keep this from her family and boyfriendJack who had a ex girlfriend that had fatal attractions tendencies Oh, less not forget Lola other job at the restaurant that her parents owned being a waitress at Abuelitas Lolas night job and what about her familya very interesting read Be ready to find plenty of suspense, mystery, romance, lots of laughter and even some danger in this good read Now I don t want to leave out Jack.he was the HOT journalist who had known Lola since HSWould Lola and Jack finally get together What about Sarah the ex.How would this case come out You will simply have to pick up this good read because it gets real interesting The characters were really off the chartLola,JackManny,Detective Bennett, Chely, Victoria, Lance, Zac, Selma, Rochelle, Jennifer, Steve, Larry, Deirdre, Tiffany, Detective SeaversVanessa, Cassie, Reilly, Neill, Craig, Brooke, Sarah, Gracie, Lucy and the list goes on.giving you a well written novel that has plenty of mysteries solved that will come out I do not want to tell you about the you will just have to pick up this read and find out and I am sure you will be surprised I was who would have thought it was and If you are in for a good mystery Bare Naked Lola will be for you and yes I would definitely recommend this novel for a good mystery read.