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I m not even going to bother with an in depth review I read the first half and skimmed the second Most of the book was boring, even when I got to the part where there was supposed to be some sort of conflict I found the entire character of Luke to be completely unnecessary and his parts seemed like they were only stalling the reader, while we waited for something to happen later The only reason I didn t give one star is because I wasn t necessarily upset over anything I just found my mind wandering because I wasn t interested.It s strange that I enjoyed the 5th Street series but haven t connected with the Moreno Brothers, especially considering that both series have similar character backgrounds Note At the time of writing this review, the first 5th Street book Noah was free for Kindle US.Because I m interested to see how Sophie s book will be handled one little sister having to deal with 3 overprotective brothers This could get messy and or interesting , I ll probably continue with the series Normally, I d throw in the towel after stumbling through two weak books, but since I know that Reyes books can be good, I ll just consider the first couple of the Moreno Brothers a time of trial and error. I devoured Always been mine, it was intense, fast paced and completely addictive I have to say sigh Alexhotheaded, intense, alpha, protective, possessive and so very yummyReyes sure knows how to write her male characters Always Been Mine is once again written from both characters perspective and I LOVE that Also I LOVE that Sarah, Angel, Eric, Sofia Romero are so involved in it because they are such a big part of why I love this series so far I ve got to say though that I have a sneaky feeling that Alex will be my overall fave cause he HAS IT ALL Total CAM I loved that we got this story a few years later when Alex and Val were older and that we have been with them since their first real interaction This made the ride that much intense and the realization of true love and belonging, the yummy moments alongside the dramatic story line of Bruce made Always Been Mine a fabulous book Ok it s almost 6 AM, so I am not even going to try for a coherent review right now, I just want to get some thoughts down before I pass out and forget something looks at all the 4 and 5 star reviews My god, did we really read the same book First off editing Horrible Missing commas, run on sentences, even a couple of words that I don t think really exist blaringly obvious I think she meant glaringly Alex s body Chiseled Rock solid Sculptured Hard Delectable Strong Bulging muscles Massive Very impressive Beautiful Muscled We get it The guy is built He s also way over the top on the possessive scale Plotting a way to get her to leave her job, simply because she used to date her boss Even though she swore it was never serious Hiring a guy to act as a bodyguard because she has a stalker, but not telling her about it Slut shaming The guys can t have a bachelor party in Vegas because no way do the women want their men around money grabbing whores WTF Misunderstandings So stupid He d rather let her, and everyone else, think he was screwing other girls in college, rather than tell the truth, that he was behind on his school work, and had hired a tutor Ok, there s pride, then there s downright stupidity Of course, he did try to tell her the truth the night she caught him with his tutor, but she refused to listen to him She was so sure he was sleeping around, she jumped to the wrong conclusion about everything and wouldn t listen to him, even a year later, til he finally MADE her let him explain.And then there s Valerie She knows Alex is the jealous possessive type She stays with him anyway, but she keeps not telling him stuff Big stuff that she knows he ll take the wrong way if he doesn t hear it from her first Does she tell him No She keeps talking with Luke, the boss Having breakfast and lunch meetings with him, letting him come to her apartment Is this smart I think not If you re going to commit to being with a jealous guy, you have to take his feelings into effect before you do stupid shit.She and Alex both know there s a stalker after her He made threats to her on a particular night the night before Sarah and Angel s wedding The girls all want to do a girl s night in, drink, and play Truth no one felt very daring apparently Valerie knows how worried Alex is She knows there s a stalker out there She knows he was following them THAT NIGHT But she lets the other girls confiscate ALL the phones because the guys keep calling and checking on them Doesn t insist on them letting her at least text Alex that she can t talk Doesn t tell them she has a crazy stalker who just might show up tonight, a crazy stalked who mentioned two of them by name Instead, when she knows there s a stalker out there she SNEAKS OUT OF THE HOUSE ALONE, to get her laptop out of the car to email him It really would have served her right, if she had been grabbed Stupid stupid stupid.I know these people are supposed to be in their 20s, but often than not, if felt like a typical high school story, only without the high school They didn t act like mature adults, college graduates It just felt.juvenile.But in spite of all this the author DID tell a good story I finished the first book, and figured that was it I wasn t interested in reading any But they kept getting good reviews, so I kept picking them up And this one did pull me right in I read it all in one sitting And in spite of all the freaking eye rolling moments, bad editing, and new words I learned, I still kinda want to read Sofie and Eric, Romero and Isabel, and Sal and whoever s stories.But I ll give this one time to fade in my memory a bit first, just like I let a year pass between reading the first one and reading this one. I hope I m not developing a habit because I ve always read every book from the beginning to the end and tried really hard to finish it no matter what, but I really couldn t make myself finish this book Since I spent many hours browsing the internet, searching for the books by Elizabeth Reyes because the blurbs for the books reminded me of Fuentes brothers like every other Goodreader and I was desperately trying to get my hands on them, I was very dissapointed when I started with Always Been Mine I couldn t find a proper Forever Mine version so I skipped to book 2 The beginning was shabby and so was the rest of the first half of the book I managed to get through We ve all heard and read about a guy and a girl who lacked conversational skills and f d they relationship up by letting a missunderstanding come between them and of course, seperate them Only this was such a poor example of what happens next Really bad execution as far as I m concerned I was baffeled by how sick Valerie and Alex s relation was He loves her, moping and brooding all day long, his heart skipping a beat whenever Valerie s name comes up in a conversation or whenever he sees her And why did they break up Did he cheat on her No Did she cheat on him Noo Did I dunno, he beat her up or threaten to kill her favourite cartoon character No Something even absurd view spoiler Valerie saw Alex with his TUTOR, assumed she was his lover and promptly left the building, refusing to let Alex explain And that dumbass was too ashamed that he needed tutors to help him with his school stuff that he just let her assume whatever she was assuming That he was cheating on her with other women For Pete s sake, if I could, I d kick Alex s behind so hard he d instantaneously be cured of his temporary stupidity hide spoiler Not as good as Forever Mine but still a really great read I can t wait for Sal s story and Sofia s novella. Great second book in this series Where the first one was a sweet teenage, low heat, romance, this was taken to a different level, and very enjoyable Terrific chemistry between Alex and Valerie, and the secondary romance with Romero really added to the overall story I liked that the focus was not only on Alex and Valerie, but the characters we loved from the first book were brought in to the mix and we got a taste of where they were in their lives My only complaint was the issue with Luke, it seemed to be resolved and it just went on and on It got old for me and little repetitious Other than that, a great story with a sweet epilogue I am really looking forward to Sophie s novella and Sal s bookI think he has a lot to tell. such an awesome story there were only a few things that bothered me about it but I m pretty sure its cuz I m zoo picky about, romance timing but besides that it was great Alex is the alpha male i love He knows what he wants,, when he realize s it and goes after it Val has been in love with Alex for years On and off the couple was for a while and then she catches him with a girl at his house and breaks it off A year later their paths cross for Sarah and Angels wedding Val is determined to keep away from Alex and Alex isn t having it and the plot only thickens when Val s history comes to light and things start to get dangerous.From beginning to end, i was completely into the book Yelling a few times and embarrassed as well for the characters, especially my girls Alex and Val s relationship had me at ends like good stories, its sooo irritating when two characters are mad and not talking thus the relationship falling apart but as the reader your aware of the reasons and your screaming at them, to talk to each other and tell them to just say it..LOL i literally had to walk a way a few times and calm down lol it was GREAT I love the family setting the plot of the story was great and i loved how Sarah n Angel where still apart of the book, it only makes me want to read the next one.if you enjoyed Forever Mine, you ll love this one New Adult Contemporary Romantic Suspense Contains Adult ContentAfter One Heartache Too Many, Valerie Zuniga Vows To Never Let Alex Moreno Hurt Her Again A Year Later, She Is Forced To Reunite With Him At A Party Where One Unexpected Sizzling Kiss Tells Her She S Far From Over Him No Way Will She Allow Herself To Get Sucked Back Into That Torment She Ll Resist Him Even If That Means Using The One Thing That Ll Stop Alex Dead In His Tracks Another Man Alex Is Coming Off One Of The Worst Years Of His Life He Spent So Much Time Wallowing In Self Pity, He Never Realized How Much He D Missed Valerie That Is, Until That Kiss Now, He S Determined To Get Her Back One Way Or Another, And No Other Man Will Stand In His Way Especially After Discovering That Valerie May Be In Danger, A Danger He Blames Himself For Val and Alex s story was so intense and so passionate my heart is still racing It is so much fun reading this series because I have fallen in love with all of the characters The interaction, horse playing, and relationships between everyone feels so genuine You can tell they really love and care for each other I felt that this story is a lot intense than Forever Mine because Alex is so intense His presents, his feelings for Val, his responsibility to keeping the family business doing well these are all things he tackles with great intensity So when he find out that Valerie has a stalker he handles that with the same determination and no holds barred intensity But that still might not be enough to save Val Bruce, Valerie s stalker is relentless in his pursuit to getting what he wants from Val It s terrifying.Valerie is so strong headed and independent she won t let anyone of anything get in her way of becoming successful in any part of her life I have loved her no nonsense, no bullshit attitude scent the first book She lives her life with a grab the bull by its horns motto but not when it come to Alex She learned to hold herself back and approach with caution when it comes to him because he has proven in the past that he can t be trust He crushed her heart with there past relationship being so rocky and Val not knowing what he was up to or who he was with when he would take off for days at a time It is so much fun being in the Moreno s world I can t wait to get details from Sofie s story which I m starting now.see you in my next review LOVE this series Always Been Mine was amazing and I think I liked it than Forever Mine Squeal Always Benn Mine is the story of Alex Moreno and Valerie The story is different from Forever Mine, while Forever Mine was on Angle and Sarah falling in love Always Been Mine focusing on Valerie not wanting to be in love with Alex and some other issues in their relationship They sort of get into this Here We Go Again relationship which, to my surprise and delight was not tedious at all I was looking forward to all of their encounters and at times was at the edge of my seat.What I most Love about this series is that they are Highly filled with romance but still Elizabeth Reyes manages to add suspense that gives me Goosebumps Think stalker Think really creepy stalker This Novel will not disappoint Hot Moreno Brothers, desire and romance that turns the hear up, A novel completely deserving of its title I Loved it image error