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The Daughter Of A Celebrated White House Decorator Draws On Early Memories Of Watching Her Father And Studying Art To Counsel Readers On How To Understand Design By Observing Four Basic Principles, Sharing Lavish Photographs Of Homes That Represent A Variety Of Styles This was an excellent purchase It was loaded with beautiful design and has given me many ideas I took it with me as I was looking for a 1920 1940 chest at a consignment shop which I could guild to look similar to the expensive antique chests in the book Found one and it looks great Anyone can use the designs in this book and adapt them to your home or place of business It is a highly interesting coffee table book too I bought this book for a client in the Interior Design business as an addition to a library he is starting When I recieved it I almost wanted to keep it for myself because it was such a beautiful and high quality book I love the style of Alexa Hampton she is very much a modernized version of her father, Mark , who was one of my idols when i was an Interior Design student This is a smashing coffee table book, very collectible and works well as a gift for people who are in this industry or just enjoy the Interior Design and Decoration world. This is one of those books you receive and will keep it for your entire life It is full of amazing interior photography, beautifully laid out and presented I keep returning to the book and seeing details in the photo s I didn t see before I actually sit with a strong magnifying glass and soak up every detail of the pictures and absorb the detail, pretending I am there in the room A visually stunning book and well written too It must run in the family, daughter like father.I think of the interior pictures need to be included when going inside to see what the book has to offer it would make purchasing the book a fore gone conclusion.I thoroughly enjoyed the book and learnt a great deal from it It has pride and place next to my beside table where I escape into it each night and devour every detail of the books photographs and written content that I can.I would recommend this book any day of the week. Maybe I just didn t like her style because I lean into modern , but I wasn t inspired I found her rooms and approaches too CLUTTERED and not always useful Usually even if a designer s style doesn t appeal to me emotionally I can take something away from approach, but this book just didn t do it for me and I never find anything when I try to refer back to it..