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I use this series as a reference guide at my job I scale, reconfigure or combine the patterns There is something in these books for every situation I come across. STRUCTURAL PACKAGE DESIGN Is A Series Of Books, Jam Packed With Superb, % Structurally Accurate, Scalable Packaging Templates All Designs Are Ready For Immediate Use And Illustrated With D And D Structural Drawings And Photographs The CD Contains The Templates In Various Formats Including EPS And PDF Also Included Is A Demos Version Of Illustrator Plug Ins That Provide Professional Package Design Possibilities This Volume ADVANCED PACKAGING Contains Complex Designs Helped me a great deal with the few projects we had. I Love it,It s true that the disc doesn t work, but I you mail the problem to them, they will send you a digital or a physical copy of the disc It s and awesome book with one of a kind packaging models. I love the content of this book but was very disappointed to find that the included CD ROMs simply don t work I emailed the publisher and they are aware of the problem After a few weeks and a reminder email, they shipped the replacements which work perfectly well A little hassle, but worth it for great content.