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Really great story.had no idea who done it This was my first Colleen Coble book that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it A true psychological thriller that is fast moving and suspenseful with a touch of drama and romance.This book takes everyone back to Rock Harbor with Bree, Kade, and the lovable search and rescue dog Samson, as they assist Captain Nick Andreakos in his search for a serial killer who is really into geocaching Coble really has a way of telling a story, throughout the entire book I thought for sure I knew who the killer was, but as I was lead down another path I had my big jaw dropping moment I am definitely looking forward to reading of her booksI want to thank NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Crackles With An Ominous Electricity, Pulling You Inside The Mind Of A Killer Who Is Terrifyingly Twistedterrifyingly Real The Pages Will Race By As You Read, But I Guarantee Your Heart Will Race Even Faster TL Hines, Author Of Waking LazarusA Beautiful Woman Stands By The Side Of The Road, Barefoot And Bleeding, A Child In Her Arms Someone Just Tried To Kill Her, But She Wouldn T Recognize Him If She Saw His Face She Doesn T Even Remember Her Own NameA Suburban Cop Surveys A Kitchen In Disarray A Woman And Child Missing, A Chilling Note This Crime Scene Is Unlike Any He Has Ever SeenThe Man Who Calls Himself Gideon Waits And Plans He Sees Himself As A Destroyer Of Evil, One Who Rids The World Of Abominations He Has Already Killed Five He Will Kill Again And Somewhere In The Wilderness, In A Secret Geocache Near Where The Wild Swans Gather, Lies The Unspeakable Clue That Links Them All Together Michigan S Rugged And Beautiful Upper Peninsula Is The Setting For This Absorbing Tale Of Love And Loss, Beauty And Terror, Grievous Sins And Second Chances A Deftly Woven Thriller From The Popular Author Of The Rock Harbor Novels Colleen Coble is one of my favorite Christian authors for many reasons but mostly because she can draw me into her mysteries faster than I can blink, and her characters are so real And this book was no exception The story opens in the killer s point of view Then we re introduced to the main character, who doesn t know where she is, why she s bleeding from a stab wound, or who the little girl is in her arms All she knows is that she s terrified and believes someone tried to kill her A car approaches, and she doesn t know whether to run or ask for help The driver could be the person she s running from Thankfully, the driver, Bree Matthews, provides a haven in her lighthouse and protection with her husband and search and rescue dog, Samson When another murder happens in the area, one done in the same pattern as a wanted serial killer, a handsome cop arrives in Rock Harbor to help The refugee, who thinks her name might be Evelyn, feels an instant connection to the cop Is he the man she s running from, or is he connected to the past she can t unlock This story is full of twists and turns, and just when you ll think you know who the murderer is, you ll be proven wrong I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense thrillers. Picked this up at the library on the last run Saw the cover and it had a sticker on it that said it was an inspirational title 1 I don t know who the he put that sticker on this book or why they thought it was inspirational I had no inkling of anything that would be even remotely inspirational in the general sense so If someone at your library has done the same thing they are wrong ha ha The book is okay It s about a woman who, after being nearly killed by a man, runs away with her daughter, only she s lost all memory of the trauma and who she is, where she came from, where she s going She only knows that she needs to get away She has no memory of her daughter even Her ex husband is a police officer who is working on murders of a gruesome kind, where the killer has mutilated bodies by taking their face, and then some other body part He leaves clues for the police on Geo Caching sites, and uses the locations of his victims bodies as the Geo Cache coordinates There are some plot twists in here that I didn t see coming Perhaps they had clues to the twists and I just wasn t paying enough attention which is a crime when reading or perhaps it was sensational twist I couldn t for sure tell you which right now Anyways I think it s a good read if you need something to read and you like mental thrillers There is death and mental illness and revenge involved And Geese lots of Geese I didn t get too into it but, perhaps I just had exciting things on the horizon and couldn t give it a fair shot Who knows CJ Terrible book Someone needs to tell this author that if you re going to write a book that involves investigative and police work, you should talk to people in that field Her characters are completely umrealistic, I didn t believe them at all Awful dialogue And I only made it just over a hundred pages in Don t waste your time. Overall this book was good but there were a couple things that bothered me First, Eve is badly injured and the people that find her don t take her to the hospital or the police station They just let a complete stranger stay at their house And second, Eve blames her husband for these horrible things happening to her. Nice Christian suspense series. Sadly, I have had to abandon my read of this book I ve read 11 of Colleen Coble s books so far, and I ve thoroughly enjoyed them Yes, they are not for the faint hearted They include death murder, and disturbing revelations So far I have been able to appreciate the plot for what it is, and for the intricacy in combining mystery with romance, with a location to die for sorry for the pun Haven of Swans begins at a level I have not even encountered before I found it extremely dark and uncomfortable to read, and chose for my own sanity to put the book away I do love Christian reads, but I think it borders on a story that goes to a place my spirit does not want to dwell If this was a movie, I would not choose to watch it Thank you to Netgalley Thomas Nelson for the digital ARC This is my honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed this book When I read it under the title Abomination in 2007 I am taking away a star, even though it deserves it as a book, because I seriously dislike this practice of publishers taking a book that was published years earlier and re publishing it under a new title It seems somehow unethical to me Why not just simply re publish the book under it s original title It s very disconcerting to buy a book, as I have in the past, only to discover it s a book I ve already read, just now out with a new title I just don t approve of this Abomination was a great book Colleen Coble does a wonderful job with it It would have stood on its own again under the same title I was given a copy of this book by the publisher via Net Galley My opinion is my own.