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The Authors’ Social Media Support Group ASMSG is proud to presentA World of Joy A Short Story CollectionBrought to you by Grey Mouse Publishing and the authors of ASMSG A World of Joy is a collection of holiday themed shorts It is a Yule tide celebration of joy hope renewal and love With stories from multiple holiday perspectives geared towards all audiences this anthology is meant to infuse the reader with the holiday spirit of good cheer

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    A World of Joy is a remarkable collection of short stories with the common theme of the holiday season We know that this period represents different things for different people and that is marvellously reflected in the careful selection of the included stories The first Christmas without a loved one or a Christmas under dire financial circumstances are just two examples of stories that go beyond the appearance of father Christmas and angels Humans can find themselves in that season in all kinds of situations and not every Christmas is necessarily a happy one But the anthology has a much positive note and many stories covering the classic magical themes of the seasonThankfully the editors have put together a rounded selection which covers a great many aspects of the holiday experience and is sure to have something palatable to offer for anyoneX mas is all about togetherness about joy hope and celebrations This Anthology pays tribute to this motto with wonderful stories about the human condition and about Santa mistle toes magic surprises family and love For better and for worse Christmas is what you make it and the ASMSG authors have made it a World of JoyIt is no surprise to me that ASMSG anthologies are freuently topping the download charts and Listopia lists on Goodreads The uality of their formatting cover choices editing and writing is consistently high and has brought some very talented writers to my attentionIn true Christmas spirit the stories a free to download so enjoy the gift that is A World of Joy

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    This anthology has something for everyone If you're looking for something that will inspire you and bring the joy of the season bubbling to the surface this is the book to read There are so many challenges that many of us face at the holidays If you are facing one this book may help to remind you that you aren't alone and that happiness will come to you again As one of the author's in the anthology I was so pleased to be selected to participate in this project Thank you Grey Mouse Publishing for bringing us together and showing us that the Joy of Christmas is still there even when times are hard especially when times are hard

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