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purchased this for an eight year old who has developed some curiosity about atoms and chemistry.., it was a bit too advanced for him but I imagine it will come in useful when he s older. Excellent book and well laid out to keep the readers interest Great for my son who as a dyslexic, was tasked with not only knowing what each of the first 20 names were and their corresponding symbol but also had to spell each correctly which is no mean feat as a dyslexic Very well laid out and written in easy to read and understand language Impressed My 10y.o son absolutely loved it It inspired him to learnand ask for other books about elements Very easy to undestand Written with humor and just enogh quantity to kindle the spark of curiosity Highly recommended. Super book for children giving them an initial insight into the periodic table in a fun and informative way A lovely lay out which is very eye catching A good price too. Brilliant for youngsters it will inspire towards science and chemistry in particular Splendid facts about the elements, written in a light hearted way rather than just factual very readable and interesting way Also includes some interesting facts and experiments. Very good introduction to chemistry my 7 yr old reads it and loves it. Love love love this For the inquisitive kid it s a great way to introduce the periodic table I m very into science and want the kids to understand the world because it s so interesting This book looks at the different elements on the periodic table and where you ll find them around you in everyday things I love it A Beginners Guide To The Periodic Table Is A Mind Blowing Guide To The Elements That Make Up The Periodic Table, Fully Explaining Their Starring Role In The World And Clears Away Any Confusion Or Apprehension That Might Surround The Elements By Linking Each Of The Elements To A Story, Wacky Science Analogy Or Fascinating Fact, Gill Creates A Unique First Reference To The Periodic Table From Smelly Sulphur And Exploding Hydrogen To Why Stevie Wonder Is Blind And Everything In Between, Gill Seamlessly Explains The Mind BogglingElements Which Will Make You Look At The Periodic Table In A Whole New Light Packed Full Of Eye Catching Illustrations And Fantastic Explanatory Diagrams, Prepare To Be Amazed By The Most Wacky And Informative First Introductory To The Periodic Table Ever