[ eBook ] 7000 years of jewellery: (E)Author Hugh Tait – Vivefutbol.co

This Panoramic Illustrated History Explores The Varied Styles, Techniques And Materials Used To Make Jewellery Throughout The World Since Earliest Times Egyptian Necklaces, Celtic Torcs, South American Gold Masks, Renaissance Pendants And Art Nouveau Buckles Are Among The Range Of Masterpieces Described By A Team Of Experts From The British Museum And Illustrated With Superb Photographs This Reissue Includes Images Of Major Acquisitions Made In The Last Ten Years, Particularly From Europe Since And From Asia Good source of information for the beginners Fantastic photos, prints My only gripe the content focuses mostly on western jewelry It could be comprehensive. This is a great book on jewellry through the ages and already I been inspired to try some designs, based on the ancient pieces presented here One can only look in awe at the acquisitions made by the 19th century explorers and hope one day common sense will prevail so that some works can make their way back to where they should be In the interim I think we should be happy that such wonderful items are in one place where they can be viewed at leisure. Beautiful book, with tons of eye candy and great inspiration for jewelers Very good explanations and background on the pieces.One very interesting feature of this book is that there are several images of the portraits of the original owners wearing the jewelry pieces which reference current photographs of the actual piece as it is today.Big book, with lots of beautiful pictures and interesting text Good description of the materials used to create the jewelry.Recommended.