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This collection is intended as a tribute to the hard work and tremendous support these authors have given AEC Stellar Publishing Inc in our first year of businessThe collection includes a short story from each of our first eight authors and as a bonusfrom two key members of our marketing teamSince the stories and writing styles range so widely by genre each is preceded by a brief note from the author You can find about their books in the last few pagesAny proceeds gained from sales of this paperback will be dedicated to continuing to market these great authors and their work

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    I'm not gonna comment on my story Big Wolf on Campus because that would be biased And I don't know the other authors all that well to comment on their work based on my relationship to them So this is legitimate and honestIndividually the short stories are good But put together in a collection like this and they become great This book would make a great combo platter for people looking to explore other genres other than their favorite authors and styles The range in this collection goes from adventure to military to tragedy to comedy that would be me to action to poetic and ethereal to ghost stories and even sci fi if you consider going to another planet and witnessing an orgy by the aliens sci fi I doI am happy to have read these stories as some of them have taken me completely by surprise I am sure that anyone who reads them will be smiling crying and laughing as I did So thank you for letting me participate in this Reader thank you for your support Potential buyer just buy it already You'll love it

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    Awesome collection Each short is written by a different author that brings something different and refreshing to the table Each author is wonderfully talented I thoroughly enjoyed this and highly recommend it It's a nice uick read that is very enjoyable

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    A lot of hard work went into this collection and I'm grateful to have been a part of it and to have gotten to read some of these stories in advance Great job everyone

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    Wow it has been a long time since I've read any short stories but this was a great collection to come across It was a bit of a mixed bag as far as genres go but generally the uality was high In brief'Synonymy' by Oliver ChaseTbh this story was fine Just fine Too much of the mystery unexplained and too much of the mundane described Not surprising not shocking just a way to pass the time'Edge of Disaster' by Val VogelNot being from the US and being untouched by Katrina this was actually the most I'd ever read about it It was okay but I found the realist 'diary' style of this piece really bizarre compared to the generally urbanfantasysci fi stories in this collection I read it but felt a bit like work'The Mating Season' by Sorin SuciuFirstly a bit of a disclaimer in that I know the authorSorin knows I love his writing and am continually asking for a follow up to The Scriptlings This short story was no different It was an appropriate length everything was covered and made sense I stress this in particular because people seem to struggle finishing a story when it's short for some reason? and also kind of adorable NEXT BOOK PLEASE'The Best of You' by Raymond VogelI enjoyed this story far than I anticipated I would It's a theme and general story line I feel like I've read a lot of times before but the approach in this story was fresh and interesting I'm definitely going to check out Vogel's other writing'Big Wolf on Campus' by Ryan AttardI was introduced to Ryan's writing by Sorin so had a bit of a look at his blog and was thereby put off actually reading any of his books From recollection I think I found the descriptions of the books and the text of his posts just soaked with rage Is that a thing? I think it's a thing Anyhow I started reading this short with trepidation like that horrible moment when you first start a late running project and are pretty sure it's going to be work than you anticipated yes yes I'm a student at the moment I've gotta say though this story really turned me around after my initial cynicism I started enjoying it and may have even giggled once or twice oh egads I'm now definitely going to be checking out his full length novels 'I Am the Bell Jar' by Amber ForbesHoly shit That was my reaction to this story It really threw me back to dating my first boyfriend who was as you'll uickly gather in the story as well a pretty disturbed guy I find that stories of bi polar andor depression particularly poignant and this story was especially well executed Definitely 5 stars'Sean's Bullet' by Shannon ThompsonNot a fan of military themes or writing and not a fan of this short'Exit Strategy' by Gregory LambHonestly this bored the hell out of me and I ended up pretty much skimming it Again not a fan of military themes or writing'The Demons Inside' by Ky GrabowskiI couldn't even read this Just no'Family Tree' by Heather HebertHad promise but really lost me The ending felt very rushed and my brain was scrambling to catch up I liked the first part flash backs of the TV show 'Charmed' but then it went downhillAnnnnnd jazz hands to finish

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    I was at first reluctant to review or even rate the collection as I'm one of the contributing authors Having some idea of what went into the production of this collection I must say it was amazing to see it come together with such a diverse group of authors Reading the contributions of the other authors that AEC Stellar Publishing Inc is working with was a real treat for me I was thoroughly impressed with the creativity and talent these authors put into each story of this collection This collection was so satisfying to read that I'm looking forward to 2014

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    I know I know Why read a review by one of the authors? Well I'm ONE of the authors Out of ten writers I am very lucky to be a part of this anthology I wasn't able to read all of the stories before it was published but now that I have it in my hands I have read them and I found them all eually entertaining in their own uniue way There's humor fantasy contemporary fiction thriller and pretty much every genre you can think of I hope you download your free ebook copy on Smashwords flip through and enjoy these stories as much as I have

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    Synchrony 3 STARSEdge Of Disaster 2 STARSThe Mating Season 3 STARSThe Best Of You 4 STARS Big Wolf On Campus 4 STARSI Am The Bell Jar 3 STARS Sean's Bullet 3 STARS Exit Stragety 1 STAR The Demons Inside 2 STARS Family Tree 3 STARS

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    In this collection of short stories from AEC Stellar authors there's a little something for everyone Action sci fi paranormal humor Each author provides a well written and uniue example of his or her writing style making this collection a great example of the eclectic work offered by AEC